We need you, but it’s not always easy.

To my (maybe) new foster family,

I am a Hopes Haven dog. I am here because I came from a life of abuse or because my family was getting divorced and dumped me or because my owners lost their house and couldn’t keep me. I am here for many reasons, but all of them are sad, and I really don’t know what has happened to my world. You could take me into your home to teach me things I need to know to find a new family, like about not going potty in the house maybe or how to walk on a leash, how to trust people so I won’t show my teeth in fear and have people think I am a mean dog rather than a scared dog. Mainly you can teach me how to trust and love again. But I may pee in your house while I’m there because I haven’t learned house-training yet. I may chew your shoes if you leave them out. I may even chew on the moulding around your door if you lock me in there while you are gone and I get stressed out trying to get out to find you again. If I am nervous, I may throw up on your carpet. If there’s a cord hanging, I might think it is something I am meant to chew on. Because, you see, I’ve come from hard times, and there are a lot of things I don’t know about yet. I’m relying on you to teach me what I need to know so that some day a family will meet me and decide their family isn’t complete until it has me in it, too. But, please, as much as I need you, as much as I want to be in a warm, cozy home rather than out with the pack, PLEASE, think very carefully about whether you are willing to put up with my mistakes as I learn from you, because I don’t want to be rejected again if you send me back. Please, before you accept me as a foster dog, think about what to pick up or hide so it won’t tempt me. Think about whether you’re willing to wipe up an accident I might have. Think about whether you’re in it for the longrun with me, even if I’m messy or irritating as you teach me the ropes. Because I would rather not come to your house at all than be sent packing once again just when I was starting to trust and love. Marsha will send with you a belly band to help me learn that leg-lifting is a no-no in a house. She will send a crate to keep me safe while you are gone. Hopes Haven will do whatever they can to help you help me. But please think hard before you foster me about whether you think I am worth a little trouble, because I can almost promise I am going to mess up. I just hope you will take a chance on me being worth a little inconvenience, because I need you.

Love from your (maybe) new foster dog